Be Our Partner

Why partnership with us?
We are continuing to expand the range of our partners, agents and suppliers worldwide who are interested to work with us on the areas we cover on our trips. If you are also searching for reliable partners and interested to bring your clients, you are welcome to join with us.

Trend and Dedicated Team
As we are one of the leading mountaineering/ trekking agency in Nepal. We have a team of trend and dedicated managers /staffs for handling the trips. We realize the importance of time and efficiency of communications, which are necessary for our agents while they are communicating with their clients. Therefore, we have dedicated travel expert, who can respond to our agents needs 24/7. We are able to influence our, guide’s, leaders and other staffs for the development of the trekking and tourism sector in each destination.

Clients Care
Yala Adventure recognizes that our clients are the ones that allow us to keep doing what we love, professionally. Because of that, our business is important to us and we want to ensure that every aspect of your experience is an enjoyable. Not only does Yala Adventure have experts in the regions that our client’s travel, we do have an expert correspondence in each field who are ready to give the answers of the questions the clients may have. All of the logistics for a smooth trip, down to the smallest of details, have been checked, double-checked and confirmed. Whether its equipment questions, training suggestions, recommendations for trip extensions or assistance with travel plans, our specialist’s expertise lies in knowing the activities and regions we covered on our adventure.

Best Agent Rates
As we have best connection with the suppliers such as hotels, airlines, transport, etc for the trips to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India we have very special rates. We pass the same advantage to our agents , new and emerging travel companies which helps them to get in start their business and grow in the future.

Our Infrastructure
We have our own fleet of vehicles such as Luxury bus, coasters, Haices, Jeeps and cars. We also have agreements with leading transporter and equipment suppliers by which we can offer the best quality services to our clients. Also we have the best office environment where our staffs/agents/ leaders can work without any problem.

Equipments we use
As we have kept our equipment best available. We are committed to provide the best quality services. We have the selected branded tents for the camping adventure and we choose the best available hotels on the way to Tea House (Lodge) trekking as we always believe in Quality Service.